Analyzing Effectiveness of Active Learning Through Project Based Learning Approach In University Level ICT Courses

Introduction to Active Learning and Project Based Learning:

Active Learning (AL) is a process where students engage in activities that promote higher learning order skills and is poised to replace traditional way of teaching and learning. AL differs from traditional learning method where a student passively receives information from the instructor, does his/her homework or lab works whereas in active learning, the engagement of learners in the learning process is of central focus.

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a practical teaching methodology in which teaching is focused around activities that help students gain practical knowledge together with other learners while creating and testing an industry related or close to industry related project. In engineering context, a project can basically be defined as a work, generally closer to the professional world that will take a specific time scale for its completion and are more directed to application of the gained knowledge. The need for PBL is based on the necessity of learner’s engagement in the pedagogy process. As PBL is learner centric approach, learners are collaboratively involved in planning, designing, implementing and testing the project in real life situations due to which they create their own knowledge rather than depending on knowledge imposed to them.

Active Learning and Project Based Learning in Kathmandu University:

  • PBL was introduced in Kathmandu University by Active Learning Lab in 2017 under Small Research, Development and Innovation Grant (Small RDI Grant) funded by UGC.
  • PBL environment has offered Students to work on projects that focuses on real problem-solving tasks.
  • PBL has motivated various real life problem solving projects. For instance students has developed a project for solving problems of Internet quality measurement and File management for Namobuddha Municipality under the PBL environment.
  • PBL has helped students envision how real-life projects work, improve their research, communication, time management and networking skills.
  • Active Learning Lab has aimed for further integration of PBL or active learning in future teaching-learning sessions especially in engineering project contexts.

The project is funded by University Grants Commission Nepal(UGC Nepal).